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The Issues

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The Burden of Taxation and Property Taxes

Taxation, particularly the recent increase in property taxes, is a critical issues that resonates deeply within our community. The financial strain caused by these taxes is leading to a yearning for relief and a desire for a life free from such pressures. Addressing this issue is a top priority for me.

Quality Education and Family Life

Our community is facing a pressing challenge in ensuring the quality of education for our children. The decline in education standards and the growing concerns about challenges to parents’ rights are immediate threats to our homes and communities. The dream of Colorado being an ideal place to raise a family is at risk, and I am committed to reversing this trend.

Economic Challenges and the Reward for Hard Work

The economic landscape of our state has shifted, and many feel that hard work is no longer adequately rewarded. Escalating costs of living, including housing, healthcare, and insurance, are placing a significant burden on our families. These are not just numbers; they represent the real struggles of our citizens.

Public Safety

The safety of our community is paramount. I am dedicated to restoring the sense of security that we once took for granted, ensuring that Colorado remains a safe and prosperous place for all.