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Adriana With her family

Your Concerns

Many of you have expressed a growing concern that the Colorado we love, known for the opportunities to own a home, start a business and raise a family, is slipping away. The quality of education is declining, and a staggering 65% of you feel that hard work and playing by the rules no longer yield the rewards they once did. This is not the Colorado we know and cherish.

The Candidate

I am Adriana Cuva, an American, an immigrant, an Army spouse and a former teacher. My journey has been one of overcoming challenges and embracing the values that make our state great. I understand the struggles of starting anew and the importance of sustaining a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Our Plan

Our campaign is committed to revitalizing the Colorado dream. We will work tirelessly to remove the economic barriers that have held back our hard working families. Our focus will be on creating a business-friendly environment in El Paso County, especially for small businesses, and ensuring greater economic mobility for all. A thriving economy is essential for job creation and overall health of our state.

My Commitment

My commitment to you is one of honesty, transparency, and determination to bring about meaningful change. I understand the skepticism often directed at politicians and their promises. I am here to LISTEN and SERVE YOU. Your concerns are my concerns. There is a solemn pledge to strive for improvement, engagement, and leadership that will foster a prosperous future for all citizens of Colorado.

The Ask

I ask for your support, your trust, and most importantly, your vote. Together, we can restore the Colorado that rewards hard work, values education, family values and offers opportunities for all. Can I count on your vote to bring about this change?

ADRIANA Stands for: